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30K is the sole provider of this technology.

Miles for all flights
Show your users how many miles any flight earns. With our technology you can display miles earned not only for the airline that the program belongs to but also to all alliance and private airlines connected to it.
Personalized results
Show results that matter. Our technology allows your users to personalize every search by adding their frequent flyer programs and statuses and immediately know which flights earn miles to their loyalty affiliations.
Top programs included
Show mileage accruals for the 50 most important frequent flyer programs in the World, covering 78 airlines across 6 continents. It's 95% of the frequent flyer community right there (and counting).

Acquire new customers. Drive profitable behavior. Enhance your website to build user loyalty and retention.

More revenue and data for you.

Miles side by side with price has the potential of moving travelers away from the cheapest fare. Moreover it generates a large amount of new data points previously unavailable and ready to be monetized.

Information you can trust.

Accuracy and reliability are the most important criteria for us. We monitor mileage rules on a daily basis and validate directly with the loyalty programs to ensure accuracy at all time.

30K in less than 30 days.

Our technology is so easy to integrate you can be up and running in less than 30 days. Dedicated technical and customer support is included at all stages allowing you to get to market much sooner.

There's frequent flyer members willing to pay 5-7% more for fares earning (more) miles.

Frequent flyers are responsible for 50% of the profits generated by the travel industry but until now there was no easy way to incentivize them to spend more. By bringing fares side by side with miles we have created a simple way for you to start reaping the benefits.

State-of-the-art technology.

Communication between Travel Search Engine and 30K

Using a powerful mileage computation engine and a thorough database of thousands of frequent flyer program rules, our technology accurately calculates the number of miles for any flight or combination of flights, not only for the airline that the program belongs to but for all carriers connected to it.

The moment you’re connected to our API and a user runs a flight search on your website, we receive the flight data, run it through our database of rules to select the applicable one and then compute the number of miles that flight earns. All delivered to you in a matter of miliseconds.

With 30K's technology we can now show our customers how many miles their tickets earn. It allows us to service our users in a truly unique way.

Yiannis Papadonikolakis — Business Development Manager