30K stands for 30,000 feet.
That's how high we often live our lives.

It all started in 2012 with a flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai. On board, Alex was persuaded to sign up for his tenth frequent flyer membership only to realize a few days later the ticket he had bought wouldn’t earn him any miles. Out of frustration he started looking for tools and resources which could help.

There had to be a better way, but there wasn’t. Welcome to 30K.

30K on the media
  • Rui Bom interviewed by Matt Zito

    Rui Bom interviewed by Matt Zito (Travel Startups Incubator) at the EyeForTravel conference in NY

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  • Kurt Hoffman recommends 30k.com

    Leading Austrian aviation journalist Kurt Hoffman recommends 30k.com on an interview to dasmagazin.ch

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  • 30K at FTC in Los Angeles

    30K invited to present for 400 frequent flyers at the Frequent Traveler Conference in LA.

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  • 30K on Tnooz

    Startup pitch: 30K helps travellers earn more miles when they book a flight

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  • Alex Jawad
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vitali Pukhalski
    Chief Technology Officer
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    30K's founding team pictures.

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    Alex, Rui and Vitaly answer 13 questions about themselves, the company and their vision.

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    Download our deck and get to know more about our products and how we plan to add value to our customers.


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