Milefy API


Our Milefy API computes the number of frequent flyer miles for any flight in the world. 

What you get: Fully personalized computations, according to the traveler's frequent flyer programs and status levels or in a program-agnostic way in case the memberships haven’t been provided. It provides results for all types of miles available (award and status miles, status segments and points) and works for both distance and revenue-based programs (for a list of supported programs click here)

Bottom line, with this API you’ll be able to display miles earned next to a single flight or a list of flight results.

See it in action: run a flight search on to see how 30K is powering their search engine with miles results.

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FFPs Introduction
Download to have an overview on how frequent flyer programs work. We recommend taking a look at this document before opening the API documents and testing our application.