Our APIs

Welcome to our API section, where you’ll find all the information you need to get up to speed and start testing our technology. Our APIs were created to add value to a wide range of travel-related products and services, from flight search and booking engines to highly personalized travel concierge services and itinerary management applications. 

We currently offer 2 (two) different and complementary APIs:

Milefy API: computing the number of frequent flyer miles for any flight in the world. 

Wallet API: retrieves your user’s frequent flyer account information for 50+ programs globally.

How will you benefit? 

Integrating our APIs will help you gain a strong differentiation while helping you generate additional 25%-30% more revenue from flights. 

Customer data shows our API has the ability to drive visits and spending from the 15% travelers spending 50% of the money (the frequent flyers, who travel more often and spend more) as well as to drive interest amongst your existing users. Revenue goes up as travelers now have an incentive to find good miles deals, typically slightly higher-priced fares.  

Something more difficult to quantify but surely of great value is the amount of new and previously unavailable user data you now have access to with our Accounts API. Can you imagine how much new data you'll be able to gather and mine to further target your users?

Want to see how it may fit into your website? Watch our implementation demo here

Our prices

Our pricing plans are tailored to your size and needs. Our customers pay us monthly and based on the number of requests they place to our two APIs. For more details you can get in touch with us here

Want more information or have questions? Get in touch with us here.